I have been taking photos now for a little over 40 years, and I love it more every day. A good challenging photography shoot is always a new adventure for me. There are not any genres that I haven't taken photos in, some I like more than others. Many people say you need to be specialized, I think that with 40+ years shooting, I can honestly say, that I am very good at them all, from fashion to landscapes.I have very strong photo editing skills using many of the current software photo development tools for digital media.


Photographic institute – Professional Photographer

University of Ottawa – Bachelor of Administration


Marc Neal Photographer – Freelance Photographer, Various locations, 2000-present


Creative Collective Pop-up Art Show, and August 17th and 18th   2019 - Organizer and Exhibitor

Creative Collective Pop-up Art Show, and December  2018 - Organizer and Exhibitor

Creative Collective Pop-up Art Show, November 15, 16 and 17 2018 - Organizer and Exhibitor

Pump Magazine Best of Edition October 8, 2017

CAVA Gallery, Fine Art, Edmonton, 2015, 2016, and 2017

Harcourt House, Portraits, Edmonton, 2014

Blackbox Gallery, Sarajevo, November 2011

Marc Neal